Free Service for your iPhone iCloud Activation Lock is available

Ever since the iPhone iCloud Activation Lock service has become available, the life of many iPhone owners who were unable to use their device due to the activation screen lock has changed. The iCloud Activation Lock service is a free software tool which is widely used to fix the iCloud lock issue on any Apple device.

The fact that the program is very effective with high success unlock rate, has made it very popular and much demanded among the iOS society. And the good will of its developers to allow free use of this software tool has changed the life of many iPhone owners who were stuck in dead end situation with their iCloud locked devices.

You see when an iPhone gets iCloud locked it is impossible to use the smartphone without entering the proper iCloud ID and password. And when the user is denied access to iCloud, this simply means that you have no access to your smartphone at all, and that all of your data will remain locked on the platform.

iCloud Activation Lock

The iPhone iCloud Activation Lock as the ultimate solution

The iPhone iCloud Activation Lock tool works directly from the main servers of Apple. It works with any Apple device. It is of no importance whether you own an iPhone which is with blacklisted IMEI or is reported as stolen or lost.

You can use the iPhone iCloud Activation Lock tool to effectively remove the locked iCloud account that is preventing normal use of the smartphone and delete it on permanent basis. After the locked iCloud account is deleted, you simply need to restart the device and the iOS will enable you to create and set a new iCloud account with new password.

Get the iPhone iCloud Activation Lock tool now

In order to make sure that you will get the job done right and that you will successfully unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from iCloud activation screen lock, then it is recommended that you download the iPhone iCloud Activation Lock tool immediately.
As I have said this tool does not cost money and you can download it only from our server links that are provided bellow.

After you have the tool on your computer (works on MAC and Windows), just install the program by following the onscreen instructions and initiate the iCLoud Lock procedure.

The program will automatically begin the iCloud Activation Lock of the iCloud activation screen lock and after a few minutes will successfully Unlock iCloud Lock your iPhone. The old iCloud account will be deleted from the database and your iPhone will be auto rebooted. To start normally using your iPhone again, you will only be required that you create a new iCloud ID and new password and to login to iCloud from your iPhone with them. It is really simple. iPhone iCloud Activation Lock your Apple device now.

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